Pioneering Excellence in Trader Tax Reporting and Capital Gains Automation

Empowering Traders and Tax Professionals Globally

Pioneering Excellence in Trader Tax Reporting and Capital Gains Automation

Empowering Traders and Tax Professionals Globally

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For Traders

Easily manage your wash sales, capital gains, and streamline your tax filing.
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For Tax Professionals

Automate capital gains reporting, optimize your workflow.

Tax Reporting Tools for Precision, Accuracy, and Efficiency

Unveiling 1099-B Match & Audit My Broker for Unmatched Tax Reporting

1099-B Match™

Effortlessly automate your Schedule D/Form 8949 Reporting. Simply drag and drop as many 1099-B PDF files as you have from any brokerage, generate the report, and if it’s all good, click on ‘New Tax Form’.

Need adjustments? Our Error Reconciliation lets you add any missing transactions, ensuring accuracy.

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Audit My Broker™

Our powerhouse feature for those discrepancies that just don’t add up. Be it for tax professionals or traders, this tool performs an accurate independent verification of your gains/losses. Whether you’re cash or mark-to-market, TraderFyles can do it. From flagging wash sales to accurate reporting based on those sales, get the confidence in your calculated gains/losses reporting that you deserve.

Plus, Plenty of Reporting Capabilities

…and more

Why Traders Choose TraderFyles

Traders and tax professionals use our cloud-based app to automate capital gains reporting, manage wash sale effects, and streamline their tax filing. You should too.

Wash Sale Reporting

Track, flag, and report wash sales effectively and avoid unnecessary tax

Automated Schedule D/Form 8949 & Form 4797 Reporting

Say goodbye to manual calculations.

Crypto Support

Easily incorporate cryptocurrency trading.

Error Checks

Track, flag, and report wash sales effectively and avoid unnecessary tax

Time-saving Automation

Say goodbye to manual calculations.

Bulk Import

Easily incorporate cryptocurrency trading.

For Tax Professionals

Everything for traders, plus…

Client Management Dashboard

Manage all of your clients tax reporting in one place, forever.

Tax Software Integration

TraderFyles integrates with Drake, ATX, CCH – Prosystem FX, and more

Increased Profit Margin

Time is money. Spend less time with manual input and enjoy automation!

Import from any broker

Yeah, we mean it. Any broker. Don't see yours listed? Don't worry. We can handle it.

TraderFyles Pricing

Whether you’re a trader or a tax professional, you pay-as-you-go.

For Traders

Pay-As-You-Go with Credits

Free to access

Available Cost-Basis Methods

For Tax Professional

Pay-As-You-Go with Credits & Enhanced Features
Tax Pro access includes:

Everything for traders, plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question? Check out our Help Center or ask us a question via email

How does the free plan work?

You get 25 credits for free when you create an account to use to generate as many tax forms as you want using our Audit My Broker™ feature. Audit My Broker™ will use 1 credit per transaction. If you have more than 25 transactions, you will need to purchase additional credits.

How much does it cost?

1099-B Match™ costs 500 credits per report, or $50. You can generate as many tax forms as you want from that report. Audit My Broker™ costs 1 credit per transaction on your CSV. If you don’t know how many transactions you have, upload your files and we will calculate it for you and tell you how many credits you need to purchase.

How many files can I upload per report?

You can upload as many files as you need from an unlimited number of brokers. 

Which plan is best for me?

We recommend everyone starts with 1099-B Match™ which costs 500 credits or $50. It is the fastest way to get the tax forms you need. If you feel your broker reported your gains/losses incorrectly (this happens more often than you think) or simply just want to check them, you will want to use our Audit My Broker™ feature. If you are still unsure, please contact sales and we will help you determine which plan is best for you. 

How can TraderFyles help?

Traderfyles imports your transactions reading CSV data you provide, and independently calculates your gain and loss using our algorithm. From there you can generate your tax reports.

I lost money this year. Do I still have to file taxes?

Yes. You are required to report all trading activity on your taxes.  It doesn’t matter if you only made losses. In fact, it is in your best interests to report your losses as this is one of the best ways to reduce your crypto taxes in the future.

How many trading accounts can I link?

Currently we support unlimited accounting linking. When you begin creating your report summary, click the button “Add CSV” and name your brokerage account.

What happens if I trade cryptocurrency and stocks?

Traderfyles can generate your reports regardless if you trade cryptocurrency or stocks. When creating a report make sure you only include one asset class (stocks or cryptocurrency). Once complete you begin generating the report for the second asset class.

Tax easier, tax smarter. Start now!


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