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1099-B Match™

Streamlined, Simplified Tax Reporting

Seamlessly drag and drop your Form 1099-B PDF from any brokerage account(s), and let TraderFyles do the heavy lifting. With our cloud-based system, generating an Automated Schedule D/Form 8949 report is just a click away. Whether you have one account or multiple, get accurate, IRS-compliant results every time. Dive into details with our Error Reconciliation, ensuring that every transaction is spot-on. Financial clarity has never been this effortless.

What 1099-B Match Does

Unified Tax Reporting
Easily consolidate 1099-B data from multiple brokerage accounts. Whether you’re a tax professional handling several clients or an individual trader with accounts across different platforms, 1099-B Match simplifies data gathering and ensures consistent reporting.
Error Reconcilation
Avoid costly mistakes and oversights. If something looks off, our system provides a seamless way to add missing transactions, ensuring that every report is accurate and comprehensive.
Automated Schedule D/Form 8949 Generation
Say goodbye to manual entries. Simply drag and drop your 1099-B, and 1099-B Match will auto-generate your Schedule D/Form 8949 report, making tax time a breeze.
Save Valuable Time
Leverage automation of 1099-B Match to finish tedious tax reporting while ensuring accuracy.
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How 1099-B Match Works

Create a Tax Report

To get started, upload an unlimited of 1099-B PDFs from any brokerage account. After you click ‘Generate’, TraderFyles will extract the transaction data from the uploaded PDF files, run calculations.

Review History & Reconcile Errors

Our cloud-based software then previews your number of transactions, total sales proceeds, cost, adjustments, and gain/loss in an easy-to-read table. The software will flag any errors and prompt you to input missing transactions to balance your tax report.

Generate Documents

Finally, generate IRS Form 8949 & Schedule D, IRS Form 4797, and/or transaction history if you want to perform an independent capital gain/loss calculation using Audit My Broker. Download and attach the documents to your taxes. You’re done!

Drag and Drop 1099-B Files
Upload an unlimited of 1099-B’s from any brokerage account and let TraderFyles do the rest.
Generate a Tax Report

After you click ‘Generate’, TraderFyles will read the data in the uploaded PDF files, run calculations, and compile the data in an easy-to-read table.

Reconcile Errors

Our cloud-based system with flag any errors and prompt you to input missing transactions to balance your tax report.

Generate Schedule D/Form 8949

TraderFyles creates accurate, IRS-ready tax forms in seconds. Download and attach the documents to your tax filing. You’re done!

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Seamless Integration

Experience the ease of managing your financial documentation with 1099-B Match. This feature seamlessly integrates with various brokerage platforms, allowing you to effortlessly import your 1099-B forms. By simply dragging and dropping your files, you initiate a streamlined process that leads to accurate Schedule D/Form 8949 reporting.

Your Tax Reporting Companion

1099-B Match is designed with a user-centric approach, ensuring both Tax Professionals and Traders find it incredibly intuitive and helpful. It serves as a reliable companion through your tax reporting journey, making the usually daunting task of preparing Schedule D/Form 8949 a breeze. Here’s what makes 1099-B Match your go-to solution:
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image showing some of the tax forms available in the TraderFyles app

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