Need to do your trader taxes? We can generate your Form 8949 & Schedule D in minutes!

Elevate Your Trader Tax Reporting Efficiency

Generate IRS tax forms like Form 8949 & Schedule D and Form 4797 from your broker’s Form 1099-B PDF, perform independent profit/loss calculations, flag wash sales, and more.

Step into a streamlined tax reporting experience crafted for traders.
image showing what traderfyles can do for traders with broker integrations and turbotax export functionality
Seamless Trader Tax Reporting

1099-B Match™

1099-B Match takes the grunt work out of preparing your Schedule D/Form 8949/Form 4797, by effortlessly matching your Form 1099-B data from your PDFs with your trading history. Gone are the days of tedious manual data entry. With 1099-B Match, accurate tax reporting is just a few clicks away.

image of 1099b match tax report after a user imported form 1099B pdf file
image of trader performing an independent capital gain/loss calculation using Audit My Broker from TraderFyles
Your Shield Against Over/Under Paying Trader Taxes

Audit My Broker™

Audit My Broker is a powerful reporting type that performs an accurate independent calculation of profit/losses by combing through your trading history, flagging wash sales and accurately calculating your gain/loss. Be confident in your trader taxes and ensure you are paying just the right amount.

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10,000 credits annually

In the complex realm of trader taxes, TraderFyles emerges as a beacon of simplicity and precision. With tax reporting processes like 1099-B Match™, traders can upload their 1099-B PDFs from their brokerage(s) and generate an IRS-ready Form 8949 & Schedule D or Form 4797 in minutes.

For traders that want to ensure they are neither overpaying nor underpaying on trader taxes, we have Audit My Broker™, the powerhouse of all things trader taxes. Is your broker saying your profits are higher than you think they should be? Then, you need to perform an accurate, independent verification of profits/losses using Audit My Broker™ from TraderFyles

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