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Refund Policy

At TraderFyles, we prioritize transparency and fairness in our services, including our refund policies. We understand the importance of clear communication regarding financial transactions, so below are the details of our refund policy, outlining what qualifies for a refund and what does not.

Non-Refundable Cases

  • Remaining Credits Post-Report Generation: Credits left in your account after you have generated a tax report are non-refundable. Once a tax report is generated, the credits used for this action are considered fully utilized.
  • Individual Credit Lot Purchases: Any purchases made for individual credit lots are final and non-refundable. These credits are immediately available for use and hence cannot be refunded.

Refundable Cases

  • Unused Paid Tiers: If you have purchased any of our paid tiers and have not used any of the credits to create a tax report, you are eligible for a full refund. It’s crucial that the credits remain untouched to qualify for this refund.

Refund Examples

  • Example 1: John signs up for TraderFyles and opts for the Essential tier. He decides not to use any credits and later requests a refund. Since John has not used any of the purchased credits, he is eligible and receives a full refund promptly after initiating the request through our support chat.
  • Example 2: John again purchases the Essential tier, this time he uses the credits to create a 1099-B Match tax report. After generating the report and consuming 1,000 credits, he seeks a refund. Unfortunately, John is no longer eligible for a refund as the credits were used to generate a tax report. Our platform charges solely for creating tax reports, and any subsequent tax documents derived from these reports are provided at no additional cost.

Important Refund Policy Notes

  • Tax Report Generation: The primary service for which we charge is the generation of tax reports. Once a report is generated, it remains in our system, allowing you to perform necessary actions to create tax documents, which are free of charge after the initial report generation.

Contact Us for Refunds

If you believe you are eligible for a refund, please reach out to us directly through the app, our Help Center, or our support email. Our team is dedicated to assisting you promptly.

We encourage all users to review their needs carefully before purchasing credits and to understand the refund policy thoroughly. Our commitment is to provide a straightforward and fair refund process, ensuring that your experience with TraderFyles is both productive and satisfying.