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TraderFyles for tax professionals is the most user-friendly tax software in the industry. Use TraderFyles with your clients to seamlessly and accurately reconcile and file their taxes.

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We allow tax professionals to manage an unlimited amount of clients easily.

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Detailed tax reports

Instantly generate tax reports

Automatically generate tax reports based on your clients’ transactions. You’ll get full access to the clients’ IRS Form 8949, Schedule D (Form 1040), Permanent Disallowed Wash Sale Report, and Transaction Report.

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Most advanced wash sale algorithm

Our wash sale algorithm is fully tax compliant and will help your clients get ahead of the IRS wash sale requirements and calculate the wash sales their broker can’t report.

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Brian Rivera is an active trader, entrepreneur, Certified Public Accountant, and owner of Trader Tax CPA, LLC — a leading firm specialized in providing tax compliance and preparation services to active traders.

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Brian Rivera, CPA

Founder and CEO