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1099-B Match helps day traders and investors with simple 1099-Bs generate tax forms like IRS Form 8949 & Schedule D (Form 1040) in minutes.
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For many taxpayers with simple returns, money can be saved by preparing Form 8949 and Schedule D (Form 1040) by hand. However, if you have more than a few brokerage transactions, it takes too long and can get very complicated to prepare Schedule D (Form 1040) and Form 8949 by hand.
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No more complicated forms

Easy to use forms and documents with detailed reporting

We use all these details to generate your tax forms and custom reports. You can then download these forms for manual filing, automatically connect to TurboTax, or hand them off to a professional CPA for filing.

How it works

The powerful tax app you’ll enjoy using


Choose tax year and broker(s)

First things first, choose the tax year and the broker(s) from who you have a 1099-B. 

drag and drop

Upload your 1099-B

Whether had 1 broker or 10, the app can handle an unlimited number of 1099-Bs at one time. Drag and drop your 1099-B into the respective broker.


Reconcile any errors

Use our state-of-the-art report summary to visualize and correct any incorrect or missing transactions.
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Generate tax forms

Generate an unlimited number of any of our forms available


Plan details

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what comes with each plan.

1 Credit = 1 Transaction




25 credits
500 credits
Priced individually
Unlimited broker import
Advanced wash sale reports
Cost basis methods
Error reconciliation
Transaction report
IRS Form 8949
IRS Schedule D (Form 1040)
Export to TurboTax
Forum support
Email support
Audit My Broker™
1099-B Match™
CPA custom features
Concierge support


25 credits at sign up

No credit card required.



One time payment for 500 credits

Additional credits available. $10 per each 100 lot. 


Priced individually
One time payment for a fixed amount of credits

Subscriptions available.

Import from any broker

Yeah, we mean it. Any broker. Don't see yours listed? Don't worry. We can handle it.

Join the experience

Take control of your taxes.

Sign up is free. No credit card required.

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