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TraderFyles is the most recommended software of 2023 for capital gains tax reporting


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Experience a revolutionary way to manage your trading taxes. Our partnership with Cobra Trading means your trading data seamlessly flows into TraderFyles, setting up your tax reports in a few clicks.


Gone are the days of manual entries. TraderFyles automates the conversion of your 1099-B PDF into accurate Form 8949 and Schedule D documents, ensuring precision and saving you valuable time.

Tax Reporting Tools for Precision, Accuracy, and Efficiency

Unveiling 1099-B Match & Audit My Broker for Unmatched Tax Reporting

1099-B Match™

Effortlessly automate your Schedule D/Form 8949 Reporting. Simply drag and drop as many Form 1099-B PDF files as you have from any brokerage, generate the report, and if it’s all good, click on ‘Generate Docuements’.

Need adjustments? Our Error Reconciliation lets you add any missing transactions, ensuring accuracy.

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Audit My Broker™

Our powerhouse feature for those discrepancies that just don’t add up. Be it for tax professionals or traders, this tool performs an accurate independent calculation of your capital gains/losses. Whether you’re cash or mark-to-market, TraderFyles can do it. From flagging wash sales to accurate reporting based on those sales, get the confidence in your calculated gains/losses reporting that you deserve.

Plus, Plenty of Reporting Capabilities

…and more

Pricing and Tiers

Cobra clients save 50%

All TraderFyles subscriptions are heavily discounted for Cobra clients for 2023 tax year

50% discount applies to first year. Subscriptions renew at full price the following year. Cancel anytime.




1,000 credits



3,000 credits



10,000 credits
Use your exclusive code COBRA50 at sign up

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Why Traders Choose TraderFyles

Traders use our cloud-based app to automate capital gains reporting, manage wash sale effects, and streamline their tax filing. You should too.

Wash Sale Reporting

Track, flag, and report wash sales effectively and avoid unnecessary tax

Automated Schedule D/Form 8949 & Form 4797 Reporting

IRS-ready tax forms in minutes.

Crypto Support

Easily incorporate cryptocurrency trading.

Error Checks

Find and fix errors so you don’t over/under pay in your capital gains tax

Time-saving Automation

Say goodbye to manual calculations.

Bulk Import

Add as many brokerage accounts as you have.

Have Questions?

Don’t see your question? Check out our Help Center or ask us a question via email

How many files can I upload per report?

You can upload as many files as you need from an unlimited number of brokers. 

Which plan is best for me?

We recommend everyone starts with the Essential tier. To use 1099-B Match to generate tax forms from your 1099-B PDF, you need 1,000 credits. The Essential tier is perfect for that.

If you feel your broker reported your gains/losses incorrectly (this happens more often than you think), you will want to use our Audit My Broker™ tax reporting process.

If you are still unsure, please contact sales and we will help you determine which plan is best for you. 

How many trading accounts can I link?

Currently we support unlimited accounting linking. When you begin creating your tax report summary, click the button “Add Account”, name your brokerage account, and upload your files.

What if I trade more than just stocks?

Traderfyles can generate your reports regardless if you trade stocks, options, futures, or cryptocurrency. When creating a report, you will be prompted to choose an asset class (securities or cryptocurrency). Choose one and start your tax report. Once you have finished one, you can start a new one. Keep in mind, each new report will cost credits. So, you will need to consider a higher credit tier like the Active tier if you’re running multiple reports.

How can TraderFyles help me save money?

Tax pros charge big premiums to create the Form 8949 and Schedule D. Traderfyles automates that whole process. All you have to do is generate your tax forms and hand them to your tax professional and they attach them to your file, saving you money with your tax professional. 

I lost money this year. Do I still have to file taxes?

Yes. You are required to report all trading activity on your taxes.  It doesn’t matter if you only made losses. In fact, it is in your best interests to report your losses as this is one of the best ways to reduce your taxes in the future.

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